Friday, May 13, 2011

3 Tips For Buying A Magnetic Necklace

To relieve pain in the upper body and head, a common option magnetic necklace. A common problem, but among those looking to buy is how to choose. Here are 3 tips to use when buying magnetic jewelry for the neck.

Whether you're buying or just the base for the treatment of pain, you need to know much about the choice of the magnetic chain. Must first become familiar with the specific character of the chain and how they are designed. Second, you need to know about quality differences. Not only the quality of treatment is important, but also the strength and quality of the magnet itself. Finally, we want to understand how differences in the magnetic necklace to match your style.

1. The exact necklaces - magnetic necklaces There are several types, so you want to make sure it is well for you. First, the loop. Box chain has no arms, and wrap it around your neck with a magnet will remain linked. Bolas, also called "envelope" or "snake", usually 36 or 37 inches, and can be used in different ways around the neck.

You can pack a full turn or at least one full rotation in the neck. If so the rest of the balls hanging below the neck, always connected with the two sides in a straight line. You can handle more than one full turn in the neck with the rest, or can be wrapped around the neck like a necklace. They can be worn on the wrist or foot, but apparently, roll again. Due to its length, usually represent a magnet more than any other chain.

In contrast to the loop, other types of magnetic necklace, as a conventional chain with a lock. The difference, of course, is that the hug is always magnetic. This string can be produced in different sizes, if you need to get the right size for you. Here are the normal chain or charm, and sometimes also magnetic. Lure of Hematite magnetic cross is very popular.

You can Lariats and traditional forms occur with or without a magnetic necklace accent beads. Accent beads are magnetic hematite beads or some kind of non-magnetic beads. top quality collars sport an accent as hematite, freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones, turquoise, cherry quartz and agate. This channel is much more expensive and stronger in general, better magnets. Be informed that the Lariats are much better than high-power magnets 48.
2. Quality - There are two aspects of quality. The first is the ability and the second is the quality of materials used. As mentioned earlier, the focus of high-quality necklace of pearls often use high-quality and more powerful magnets. If you feel tingling in pain, is a strong magnet is a necessity. Pay less for high quality products.

A manufacturer of high quality magnetic jewelry to choose a powerful magnet, and high-quality accents. In search of the artisans who create custom magnetic jewelry designs in a series of rooms. Individual pieces are much more likely to use high-powered magnets and materials.
3. Style - Please note the difference to your personal style. Some people like the flexibility of the loop, while others prefer more traditional. Some like the style and color of semi-precious stones, while others prefer to see high-tech clean shiny black hematite. Cloisonné, ladybugs and seasonal pearls are very popular.

If you are not familiar with a magnetic chain with details of the purchase, I hope that this foundation has to date. Choosing the right chain is important, especially to relieve pain. You must decide if you like the flexibility of loop or the appearance of traditional style.

They also want to make sure the collar you have to survive with quality. You also have the right number of high-power magnets, when given for therapeutic purposes. If you paid attention to their needs today, depending on your style is the key long-term pleasure.

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