Friday, May 13, 2011

Get The Most Out Of Jogging

It’s well know that very many people all over the world love jogging, and rightfully so because of the tremendous fitness and overall healthy benefits. After a good warm-up, all you need to do is go outside and begin, and you know you’ll be doing your body a great favor. So keep on reading, and you’ll learn a few solid tips that you can use to get even more benefits from your daily jog.

You should always stretch before and after jogging. You can prevent many different kinds of injuries by stretching. As you know, you’re creating sustained impact pressure and forces when you jog, and stretching will prepare your muscles for it. Always relax when you stretch, and never over do it. Remember that if you are too aggressive when you stretch you can actually cause injuries, so go slow – no bouncing. Never push to the point of pain when you stretch, and if you do feel pain immediately and “slowly” back off. You really do want to stretch your legs, body, torso, shoulders, and everything so you’re all warmed up.

The best way to begin is to always start off with a slow pace, and then build up from that. Stay relaxed, don’t make your stride too long and don’t bounce too much. You want to maintain good posture when you jog, and that means making sure you’re not leaning too far forward or back. Jogging implies that you’re not trying to set land speed records, so just jog at a comfortable pace so your heart is not trying to pound its way out of your chest. If your intent is to jog for healthy reasons and enjoyment, then there is no need to run like you’re training, and you can get the benefits while greatly reducing the chance of running injuries. You will see better results and feel better, too, if you keep the pace consistent rather than running faster when you initially begin your jog. Always avoid just stopping your jog from your normal pace to an immediate full stop because that can cause injury.

Make sure you drink enough fluids, especially water when you jog. If you are going to be jogging in the morning, which is the best time if you can manage it, don’t eat breakfast until some time after you run. The best thing to drink is water, and avoid fruity crap or anything with sugar in it. Like food, if you drink too much water you can get cramps and vomit. Some people like to drink while they jog, whatever – it’s up to you, really. Post jog hydration is a good idea, and you should only drink water – forget juice or vitamin water or all that other junk – pure water. Proper hydration can prevent all kinds of problems, especially when it’s baking hot outside.

Jogging is rewarding in so many ways, plus it is just pure fun. You can jog to lose weight or get in great shape, and most people who do it find themselves doing it years later. There are very many more tips you can read about jogging and running, so keep reading and get started.

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